Friday, May 8, 2009

Evangeline Mudd

I just finished reading Evangeline Mudd. I would say it is very funny and very cool. Yes, I do recommend this funny book to others because it is very cool. The setting is in a Mansion and the Ikkihaski Jungle. There are six characters. They are mom, dad, Evangeline Mudd, Melvin, Magdelaina, and a Scientist. The problem in the story is Evangeline Mudd is stuck in a place she thought would be fun. Is it a really fun place to be? I'll let you answer that. One interesting thing about the story is there are spitting spiders. Will there be a second book? We will find out. I'll update you.

By Amelia

Gooseberry Park

This book is sad and happy. I would recommend this book because it is cool. The settings are Gooseberry Park, home and Cherry Street. The characters are The Scientist, Owl, Kono, Top, Bottom, Song, and Murray. The problem is Stumpy is missing!!! A storm hits and destroys Stumpy's home! You should read Gooseberry Park.

By David

Monday, May 4, 2009

Gooseberry Park

This book from Cynthia Rylant is amazing. This book is for intermediate readers. It's fun to read, cool, and short. It has only nineteen chapters and it has some funny parts in it. I recommend this book to you boys/girls to read because you will get into it really easily and it's a happy and sad book. The setting is in Gooseberry Park and in Professor Albert's house. The characters are Stumply, Kona, Top, Bottom, Sparrow, Murray, and Gwendolyn, but you can call her Gwen for short. The problem is that Kona went looking for Stumpy and Stumpy went looking for Kona and now Stumpy is missing because he went looking for Kona. Here are some interesting facts and things about this book. Murray gets interesting and sensitive. Everyone is nice in the book. Even they are all helpful in the book. Murray is careful in the book. If you want to read all about this go in the library and sit down at a table and read it, or buy it from the library and take it home and read it.

By Niko

Gooseberry Park

I just got done reading, Gooseberry Park, by Cynthia Rylant. This book is fun, cool, funny, and short. I recommend this book to others because it's funny. The setting of the book is at a park and house. The characters of the story are Kona, Gwendolyn, Professor Albert, Murray, Stumpy, Top, Bottom, and Sparrow. The problem is that Stumy's missing. An interesting fact is Top, Bottom, and Sparrow, are with a bat. So if you want to read the book here's a good reason why you should read, Gooseberry Park.

By Jose H.

Evangeline Mudd

This book is boring. By David Elliott. No, I do not like talking about books. This is in the jungle. Evangeline Mudd, mom, and dad are the characters. Mom and dad are trapped.

By Damien

Ramona Quimby, Age 8

I just finished reading this book and it is great. The book is called, Ramona Quimby, Age 8. The author is Beverly Cleary. This book is funny and good to read. I recommend this book to you because if you like funny stuff then you will like this book. The setting is Ramona's house, the Kemps house, and school. The characters are Ramona, Yard Ape, Mrs. and Mr. Quimby, and Beezus. The problem is the car is broken. Yard Ape takes Ramona's eraser on the bus.

By Erika

Goosebumps Stay out of the Basement

I just stopped reading this book. This book is very interesting, and weird. Casey and Margret's dad was fired from his job at an experiment lab. He was studying plants but then he actually blew up a tree. So Casey and Margret started to search for their real dad in their house. Casey and Margret's friends come over and they got locked in the basement and their father can't hear their friends but then the plant gets their friends while their dad was experimenting down stairs. After that, spooky things start to happen at night. What will happen next? Why don't you read it?

By Julissa